Tools to promote your mobile App

Creating a successful app in the Google play store or Apple app store can definitely be difficult. Obtaining the required promotion level is required for the success of an app and so developers need to device an effective app marketing strategy. Today a lot tools are available to help developers with the marketing strategy. We have tried to describe a few of the tools to promote android app below.


App Localization- With App Localization your aim is to target not one but many countries. It has become as one of the most prominent tools to drive a huge number of downloads from across the globe. App localization can be achieved by building your app in different languages. Developers also need to localize title, keywords, screenshots and description.


App Monetization- Today developer have a lot of option on their plates when it comes to App Monetization. There has been a steady decline in paid apps but it has opened up many more pricing methods like In-app purchases, Freemium pricing model and Free apps with ads. By using these monetization strategies, developers can work on increasing app engagement aimed at in-app purchases, or they can employ a monetization strategy by recommending the right advertisements to potential users.


Market research- In order to device an effective marketing strategy, it is essential to know what is going on in the existing market. This process involves studying of similar apps, tracking your competitors’ ranking and preparing your app for ASO. Having the right insights and knowledge before you start developing your app will give a head start when you launch your app.


Analytics- Studying the data on your current app analytics will go along way to help you in your app optimization. All developers should always monitor the day to day performance of their apps. This will help developers get the answers to to important questions like: how to optimize the user experience, and on what kind of users should we focus on.


Buy App installs and reviews- Developers should always look into the opinions and judgments given by users. This is because the ultimate aim is to create a flawless app. It is important that every developer provides enough space to the users for communication. For a new app developers can always buy installs and reviews available at various websites across the internet. Beta testers can also be employed for new app to get honest reviews.


App Videos- In this age of Youtube and video marketing simply creating a teaser video of your app can help you reach out to your target audience. Videos contribute to downloads as easily highlight the major functionalities and top features of your app.


Websites/ Landing pages- After developing if you want your app to have a substantial web presence you need to do it with a web page, a simple page on the app store won’t cut it. A proper website must be created with a complete presentation of your app. Mobile phone users today are always in search of all aspects of the app they are about to download. With a website you can send the users directly to the app store with a link, show important features of the app. Also an FAQ section, a blog and a contact page will help a great deal.


Press Releases- Developers if possible should produce press releases at regular intervals, as media presence always plays a crucial role in creating a brand for the app. Releasing effective press releases can generate the right buzz for the app.


Social media Exposure- Social media promotion is very important for products today so an app is no different. It is already an explored and well tested medium for marketing. With billions of users platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are the driving source for many an app.